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« Western knowledge has been trying to see the world for twenty-five centuries. We didn’t understand that the world doesn’t look at each other, the world hears each other. It is not read, it has to be listened to.»

In his book Les Bruits, published in 1977, Jacques Attali shows that music, today as in the past, announces the world of tomorrow. It is the witness and prophecy of our societies. Music is not innocent, to minimize it is to challenge its epistemological role. If music is prophecy, sounds and instruments are its roots. 

Some sounds remain engraved in our memories and are linked to a moment of life.  Musicians seek group musicality and perfect sound. The most perfect sampler does not provide the same pleasure as the sound produced by an original Selmer saxophone or Fender Rhodes. Also because the musician plays differently on an ASBA drum set than on an electronic drum set played on a master keyboard.

Whether electronic or classical, authentic, rare, innovative, vintage, we believe that instruments have a soulzicplace.com aims to become a database of musical instruments, highlighting their singularities and stories.

The luthiers, bow makers, engineers, geniuses who design them, the shops that select them all over Europe, are happy to introduce you to them on our marketplace as enthusiasts of Zicplace musical instruments. We attach particular importance to payment security and the control of the instruments sold to avoid disappointments.

Music is also about meeting people. The analogical man needs to touch real instruments and share the knowledge surrounding them. With a network of professionals and enthusiasts, Zicplace is positioned as a land of musical encounters.

I wish you, too  to meet new people and find the instrument of your dreams, adapted to your budget and your desires. 

Sébastien Burlet 
November 4, 2019

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